Jackson talks about Turner commitment

It seemed like just minutes after Tennessee wide out Patrick Turner committed to USC this week, the question was raised, 'how will this affect what Desean Jackson does.' We caught up with Jackson earlier today to get his thoughts on that very subject.
Jackson, 5-11, 170 pounds from Long Beach Poly (Calif.) was the star of the stars at the U.S Army All-American last weekend earning game MVP honors. Of course it seems all everyone wants to talk about his leap from the six yard line in to the end zone that came up a yard short.
"I can't believe how much run that play is getting," Jackson said. "The first touchdown I had got called back, so I wanted to do something special that time. I wasn't really thinking about it beforehand, just when I was running in to the end zone, it just popped in to my head, 'do a Reggie Bush leap in to the end zone.'
"It was all in fun and I'm having a good time with all the ribbing. They even spoofed me last night on Pardon the Interruption where Michael Wilborn had a picture of my face and was pretending to be me. That was hilarious."
As for where recruiting is at now and his thoughts on Turners commitment.
"I was actually pretty surprised to be honest," Jackson said. "We talked a little during the week but didn't talk much about recruiting. When we did, he talked more about Tennessee and it seemed like he was favoring going there.
"It doesn't matter to me though, I'm not afraid of competition. Everyone who knows me, knows that. I think if I chose USC, we would complement each other pretty well. I would be the inside slot guy and he would be the big target on the outside. USC is pretty loaded with receivers right now and I know if I chose to go there, I would have to wait my turn but that's fine.
"That's why I like Cal so much right now. I know I would start from day one and be able to make a huge impact on the team. They just really don't have a lot of receivers and I could be the focal point from day one. I think I could be at USC too, it just wouldn't be right away. I would have to wait my turn and learn from the other receivers they have on the team.
"It's going to be a real tough choice and I'm not going to announce until Signing Day. I'm taking my official visit to USC this weekend and that will be the last visit I take. I'm really just focusing on these two schools right now and will take the next couple of weeks to decide where the best fit for me will be. Then, I'll announce on the Fox Sports Signing Day in February."