Jackson talks about his visit to USC

Long Beach Poly (Calif.) wide out Desean Jackson took his final official visit this past weekend to USC. The visit went great for the Jackson but he said his decision is still as unclear as it was prior to the trip.
"I had a great time, I'm still trying to recover," Jackson said. "I was treated like a celebrity. On Friday they had their big National Championship parade and we got to walk in with the players. There were people asking me for my autograph and everything it was cool.
"Desmond Reed was my host but I basically hung out with everyone. Reggie Bush, Lendale White, Steve Smith, Whitney Lewis. We all hung out together and went to some really cool party's. I probably only got about two hours of sleep the whole weekend. My mom really loves USC and now my dad is starting to also. He was always kind of favoring Cal but he's starting to really like SC as well.

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"For me, I just really don't know. Everyone thinks I'm going to SC because I go to Poly and Poly players always go to SC but I'm going to do my own thing. USC is a great school and I really like Coach Carroll and the rest of the staff there. At the same time, they have so many superstars already and are loaded at receiver, that's something you have to think about.
"I'm the kind of person, I want to win of course, but I want to go somewhere that I can make an immediate impact at too. The number one thing I'm looking for is what school gives me the best chance to get to the NFL, where can I go and stand out the most. Winning a national title, that's not as important to me as making it to the league. I want to go somewhere and just ball right away so I'm still really torn between SC and Cal. I've gone back and forth a lot and still do.
"This trip was probably the best one I've had but I'm not going to make an emotional decision or base my decision just on how good a visit was. I really have to think about this long and hard and I'm going to make my decision on Signing Day on Fox Sports West."