Jackson: I was rooting for both teams

One of the most interested spectators at the USC- Cal game this past weekend was Long Beach Poly (Calif.) wide out Desean Jackson. That’s because the two Pac 10 powers are currently co-leaders for the top receiver in the region. The obvious question for Jackson- ‘who were your rooting for?’
“Man that was a great game, “ Jackson said. “It was a great atmosphere and a very exciting game. Honestly, I was going back and forth the whole time. When SC would make a big play, I was rooting for them. When Cal made a big play, I cheered for them. I was really trying to just watch the game and be neutral, not really root for anyone but would cheer when someone did something good. A couple of things really jumped out at me that made me think hard about how great it would be to play at either school.
“With Cal, how can you not love that offense. They have the best offense in the country and can hurt you in so many ways. They’re so smart and just took what SC was giving them. SC was playing their safeties so deep, like they were scared of getting beat deep so Cal just picked them apart in the middle of the field. It’s funny, I was reading how some people were saying Cal was afraid to throw the ball down the field. I mean, anyone who has watched Cal knows that’s not true, they’re just smart and aren’t going to force the ball down the field when the other team is playing a deep zone on them, that would just be stupid.

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“The thing that jumped out at me with SC is how week they are at receiver. I always looked at Cal as the school I would be able to play at right away but after seeing SC, I think I could play just as early there and that’s a big factor for me. They have so much talent everywhere else but just need some receivers. Another thing I really like about SC, they just know how to win games. When Cal was driving late in the game, I had a feeling SC would stop them because they just know how to win and close out games. That’s why they’re special.”
Jackson will visit Cal (Nov. 19) when the Bears take on Stanford but hasn’t set up his other visits yet.
“I’ve decided to take a visit to SC though,” Jackson said. “Before I didn’t think I needed to because it was so close but Mark (Sanchez) has been talking to me a lot and wants to me to visit with him for the Notre Dame game (Nov. 27) so that’s what I’ll probably do. I also plan on visiting Tennessee and LSU and I’m still holding out for one of the Florida schools, especially Miami, for the 5th trip.”