Jackson hopes to take fifth official

Three-star Pennsylvania defensive end Branden Jackson has already taken four official visits and there has been some question as to whether he will end up taking his fifth.
On Tuesday evening the 6-foot-4, 220-pound defensive end from McKeesport, Pennsylvania said he would like to take his fifth official visit but he isn't sure where he wants to go yet.
"I think I'm going to take it," he said, not indicating which schools are under consideration for that last trip.

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Jackson has already taken official visits to Texas Tech, Rutgers, Iowa and Oregon.
No coaches have come by for in-home visits yet but Texas Tech was scheduled to visit him sometime on Wednesday.
He added that more schools are in play than just the four schools he has taken officials to, though those are the schools he is most familiar with.
"I never really narrowed it down. I've just been talking to some coaches more than others, like the schools I've visited," he explained.
Jackson's most recent official visit was to Oregon back at the beginning of November. He made that trip with teammate Delvon Simmons and it left a very positive impression on him.
"It was amazing," Jackson recalled. "I think it was the best atmosphere out of all the places I've been to. Their fans were just ridiculously crazy and supportive. It was loud. I remember when I walked out on the field I told Delvon, 'Look at all the yellow.'"
The uniforms are just a bonus.
"I've never been a pretty boy but they look nice," he laughed. "I wouldn't mind wearing them."