In just a matter of months, 2023 ATH Jackson Carver, went from a 2022 graduate committed to Notre Dame for lacrosse to a 2023 football recruit who currenly has 20 offers.

Why the change of heart? The 6-foot-6 athlete decided to play football for the first time this past season and it turns out that he is pretty darn good at it. Carver proved to be an elite performer on the field and at the same time discovered that football is his real passion.

Despite Carver's commitment to Notre Dame for lacrosse, that did not stop college coaches from seeing his potential on the football field and start offering scholarships. Carver has now decided that football will be his sport moving forward and he recently re-classified to the 2023 class.

Following visits to Pitt, Iowa and Wisconsin over the weekend, Carver discussed his newest offers and gave an update on his recruitment.