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Ivy set for weekend visit to Illinois

East St. Louis (Ill.) quarterback Lamontiez Ivy's recruitment has involved a lot of waiting and too little action. With Signing Day drawing near, however, Ivy is starting to see some things move and has a big official visit this weekend.
"I'm headed to Illinois tomorrow," Ivy said Thursday night. "If they offer I am more than likely going to take it."
Ivy had discussed an offer with the previous Illinois staff, but has not received one from new head coach Tim Beckman.
"From what I am hearing, I've got to wait for some other stuff to happen, some other decisions," Ivy said. "If some people turn down their offers, then I am definitely going to get it. If they don't then there is a slight chance I might get it anyway."
The No. 23 ranked dual-threat quarterback prospect in the nation, the 6-3, 225-pound Ivy certainly has the talent to play at the Division 1 level. Where he stood academically has caused some teams to hold off on offering the three-star prospect, but Ivy said that matter is close to being settled.
"I'm just right up under it," Ivy reported. "After this semester I'll be good."
Ivy does have other options if Illinois does not work out. This past weekend he took an official visit to Jackson State, and he has also heard from a former Illinois coach that had previously recruited him.
"I just got a call from Coach DeAndre Smith, who is down at New Mexico now," Ivy said. "He said he was going to talk to my coach, but I haven't heard from him since last week so I'm not sure what's going to happen with that."
The other option Ivy has is to play Junior College ball for two years, and that is an opportunity he is considering. He is hoping those options will not have to be explored, however, and things work out the this weekend at Illinois.