Ivan washes out Stulls official visit

Mother Nature whipped out an official visit for one of the nation’s top quarterback prospects. Pittsburgh Seton-LaSalle quarterback Bill Stull was scheduled to make it to Kentucky this weekend, but because of the remnants of Ivan dumping rain onto Pittsburgh, Stull’s Friday night game got pushed to Saturday.
And that pushed his visit to Kentucky to another weekend.
But that didn’t mean there wasn’t drama this weekend for Stull, who is 6-foot-2 and 181 pounds.

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“We won our game in double-over time yesterday,” Stull, a three-star quarterback, said. “We were trailing the 14-0 until about 9 minutes left in the game, and then we started clicking and came back and scored two touchdowns to tie the game.
“Then in over time, they scored first, and we scored on our first play. I connected on a slant route, and we scored. Then in the second over time, I threw a touchdown pass on a comeback route and our defense held them in four plays.”
Stull said he is likely to reschedule the UK trip, but didn’t have a date in mind yet. Ole Miss, Kansas, Pitt, Michigan and Michigan State remain possible destinations for other official visits.