Its pretty much, down to two

Four-star wide receiver Kenny Stills (6-2, 175, 4.4) from Carlsbad (Calif.) La Costa Canyon saw his brilliant high school career come to an end last Friday at the hands of Vista, Calif., and since he is a December grad, his decision is fast upon him.
Stills went over 3,000 yards for a career breaking the San Diego CIF Section all-time record of 2,932. He broke the record last week. For his senior season, Stills had 14 receiving touchdowns and four rushing.
"I finished the season pretty well," Stills said regarding his senior season. "But the outcome for the team wasn't what we wanted. We had hoped that it would have come out better for us."

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On the recruiting trail, Stills has taken four trips and he could take a fifth, but that doesn't appear to be happening.
"I could take another trip out to Miami or someplace," Stills said. "It all depends, but I am getting really close to making my decision and I don't think the last trip will be needed as of right now. It looks like could take it if things continue to go well with Miami."
Miami better get on it because this deal is pretty much down to Florida and Oklahoma.
"I have tried to do my rounds and let colleges know that is pretty much down to these two schools (Florida and Oklahoma)," Stills said. "Some schools have respected that and some schools have still continued to recruit me, which I appreciate and respect also.
"I'm not feeling any other pressure from any other schools," Stills said. "As soon as I feel comfortable to really make that commitment then I'll do it. I'm hopefully going to make my decision in the next week or so I can stop all the home visits and calls. As soon as I feel 100 percent comfortable and a 110 percent sure that I'm ready to go either one these schools, I'm going to go public with it and pretty much finish my recruiting so I can get ready to enroll because my last day in school here is in 10 days."
What does Stills like about the last two schools standing?
"There is nothing not to like about Florida, to tell you the truth," Stills said. "The atmosphere is crazy out there. The people are amazing. The coaching staff is amazing. The players are amazing. All the facilities are perfect.
"Florida's offense have different things going with them there with Tim Tebow leaving, but with John Brantley coming in there next year," Still said. "I feel that things are going to just continue to keep rolling.
"Florida has a very prestigious program right now and a lot of great things going for them," Stills said. "I definitely appreciate all the stuff going on with Florida. I really don't have anything bad to say about the Florida program.
"I like the same things about Oklahoma that I like about Florida," Stills said. "That's what has me torn between the two. They are both such great programs and they both do different things that I like.
"All the facilities, coaches, and people," Stills said. "I felt comfortable in both places, like I was wanted and needed.
"That's what has me torn between the two," Stills said. "Both programs are pretty much the same for me with what they are offering and the opportunity. "I'm just going to let it come to me, more than anything."
Is there anything that could be the difference maker?
"What could end up being the difference maker could be my family's input," Stills said. "My dad played ball and he has been around the game for a long time. My mom has been around the game a long time and I have some really close family that has given me some great input and the occasional this is the place or this isn't the place or I'm not comfortable with these people or I am comfortable with these people.
"That could end up being the deal maker for me," Stills said. "I'm not saying that they are making my decision, but they could be a big part of making it or breaking it for one school."
What is the difference of the two offenses?
"I feel there is definitely a chance for me to have a few more receptions at Oklahoma," Stills said. "Figuring that they throw the ball 60 times a game or whatever.
"The chance for me to make a big impact or whatever you want to call it," Still said. "But you can never really come in and say I'm going to get 40 receptions. That's just not how it is. A lot of stuff can happen.
"I think the difference is somebody can come in at any given time and have a certain amount of receptions," Stills said. "If you look at the stats between the Florida receivers and the Oklahoma receivers like Riley Cooper or the big tight end Aaron Hernandez, they have 40 receptions while Oklahoma wide receiver Ryan Broyles has 75.
"Both schools are a win-win for me."
Oklahoma has Cali four-star running back Brennan Clay committed to them and Florida has four-star Joshua Shaw headed to Gainesville. Stills is friendly with both and other top-flight California players that seemed destine to leave the Golden State.
"There are a few kids from California that end up being Florida Gators and Oklahoma Sooners," Stills said. "I feel like with Tony Jefferson and Brennan Clay obviously, who is already a Sooner and I think that there is a chance that Tony could also end up being a Sooner," Stills said. "There is a chance that Chris Martin could be a Sooner or a Gator. Josh (Shaw) is already a there as a Gator. I feel like Ronald Powell, there has been a lot of talk about him being silently committed to Florida.
"There are a lot of relationships that are being built, kind of behind the scenes," Stills said. "And that could end up playing a huge part in hey, 'I'm going to Florida because we're going to the next class of Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin.' Or it is hey, 'I'm going to Oklahoma because we're going to be this new class of athletes that are going to keep the tradition of the OU program going.' You know what I mean?"
In a follow up to the interview, Stills gave Rivals.com the following update.
"I'm making my announcement on Friday, December 18th," Stills said. "I will be making my announcement on a local TV station."
It appears that fans of the Gators and Sooners now have a 10 day waiting period until they find out who will get the services of one of California's best wide receivers.