Its now decision time for Walker

No matter how many times Waco, Texas, four-star cornerback Marcus Walker’s decision is delayed, the time for decision is still quickly approaching. Walker is now set to decide late in the school week at a press conference held at Waco High School with teammate Tory Degrate.
“I am not going to do the television show,” Walker said.
“My coach told them. He doesn’t want anybody ahead of the team, so I am going to do it back in Waco. It will be later in the week, maybe Wednesday or Thursday, but it will surely be this week.”

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Walker might need the extra time to think after this weekend’s successful visit to LSU. Aside from a missed plane and some bad gumbo, Walker said he had a good time.
“I ate some gumbo, but I didn’t like it,” he said.
“Other than that, there wasn’t much Cajun food. It was mostly the same as the rest of the trips. The rest of the visit was fun. I had a good time in Baton Rouge. LSU is definitely in it.”
Despite leaning toward Oklahoma heading into the visit, Walker said the Tigers would also be a good fit.
“I thought that coming in to the visit that I didn’t know that much about LSU,” he said.
“I was being recruited by the offensive line coach. So, when I got to talk to the right coaches, I really learned a lot about how I would fit into their defense as a cornerback. I know a lot more about LSU now.
“And the trophy was straight.”
The other big news of the weekend effecting Walker was Oklahoma’s hiring of defensive backs coach Bo Pelini. Walker hasn’t met the new coach, but the decision didn’t take him off guard.
“I knew about that already,” Walker said. “Coach Stoops told me about that last Friday before I left.”
Pelini and Walker will need to get acquainted quickly on Tuesday when the Oklahoma coaches make their last effort to snag their most highly coveted recruit.
“The Oklahoma coaches are going to be here on Tuesday,” he said. “I think it is supposed to be coach Venables. Coach Andrews and coach Steele are coming by tomorrow, and I think that coach Saban will be here on Wednesday.”
So, is it too little, too late for two of the schools? Walker answered cryptically:
“Any one of those could change my mind, but it is hard to change someone’s mind once it is already made up,” he said.
Walker confirmed that LSU has entered the race, making it a three pronged sprint to the finish.
So, what will be the deciding factor?
Walker says that player development will be one of the biggest keys.
“I think one of the most important parts is how they will improve me as a player, and also as a student,” he said. “I have to go somewhere that will help me get better. That is probably the first thing out of all of them.”