Its feast or famine in the SEC

With SEC recruiting, it is
eat or be eaten. When you’re winning games on the gridiron, commitments always
seem to flow in like a king eating a hearty feast. But when you’re struggling,

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blood is in the water and other teams nip at your commitment list like sharks on
a feeding frenzy. Just look at what is going on at Mississippi
State for a perfect example of that theory.
When things are going great
in Starkville, Miss., the Bulldogs can recruit with anybody in the nation and
have done quite well over the past few seasons. But this year’s struggles on
the field have opened up several of Miss State’s top commitments to other
schools’ recruiting calls.
And now some of the top
commitments are starting to listen.
"I never thought I would
see what is going on at Mississippi State," said Clarksdale, Miss., standout
Williams, who committed to MSU back in mid-September.
"I don't know what to
say is going on. They had such high expectations, and so did I. They're always
winners there. And nobody wants to play on a loser."
Brandon, Miss., running back Jerious
Norwood echoed Williams' comments.
"It's just so
frustrating," Norwood said. "You want to go out there and do
something, but you can't. It's just like watching an accident and you can't stop
And the wreck could get even
worse if Williams and Norwood jump ship because they are the early crown jewels
in Mississippi State’s top 10 national ranking by Rivals100.com. Both are five
star players, and are the type of impact players that could quickly right the
ship in Starkville.
“That is the one thing that
does keep me positive about Mississippi State,” Williams said.
“I do think that this is
just a one-year deal. This isn’t the real Mississippi State. I’m still going
to take a few other visits, but somebody is going to have to prove to me that
this is going to last more than a year there.”
Norwood said other schools
have been telling him it will last longer.
“The other schools all say
they’re going to fire the coaches there,” Norwood said. “I just ignore
that stuff and try to think about the positive things. There are plenty of them
there still, so I am still committed.”
So is Williams, but he will
still take visits to Tennessee, Notre Dame, Florida and Ole Miss. Norwood said
Florida and Ole Miss are the schools that he might want to visit.
When asked if there was
something that could help the Bulldogs keep both of their pledges, both Williams
and Norwood agreed that fan support would be key.
“There are quite a few
bandwagon fans, at least that's what it's starting to look like,” Williams
“And if they don’t
believe in them, then how does that look to me and to the other recruits? I’m
going to be watching and hopefully the fans will stand behind them. They were
one of the big reasons why I committed there in the first place.”
Norwood agreed.
“There are still a ton of
positives about Mississippi State,” he said.
“There are about 1,000
reasons why I picked them in the first place. I still might take a visit or two
just to be sure, but I get the feeling MSU will be back on top soon. I can just
feel it.”
And then it’ll be the
Bulldogs turn to kings again.