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It was the best game Ive ever seen

Earlier today, we talked with Long Beach Poly (Calif.) wide out Desean Jackson to get his reaction to the battle between his top two teams, USC and Cal. Another player with the Trojans and Bears as his top schools is Oxnard (Calif.) Rio Mesa defensive back Kevin Thomas.
Thomas, 6-1, 175 pounds could have more upside than any other cornerback in the West region this year. It’s always tough to find big corners with speed who can cover but that’s what Thomas does best. He’s physical in run support yet has the speed to stay with even the fastest receivers. The talented athlete was at the Coliseum last Saturday and gave his thoughts on the battle between his two top colleges.
“Man, that was the best game I’ve ever been to,” Thomas said. “I’ll be honest, I was rooting for USC pretty hard but a lot of that was because I really thought Cal was going to win heading in to the game. Cal pretty much did dominate most of the action but USC always seems to find a way to win the close games.
“When Cal got down to the nine yard line, I thought they were going to punch it in but USC was able to hold them out. I’ve never heard a stadium so loud for those last four plays. It was just an incredible game between two great teams. It was a heavyweight fight all the way. First one would make a big play and then the other would come back and make a big play. I loved being there and I really don’t see either team losing the rest of the season.
“Right now, SC is definitely my leader. The atmosphere in the locker room after the game was awesome. Coach O (Ed Orgeron) was so fired up, he was going around yelling at all the recruits, ‘don’t you want to win a national championship, this is where it’s at.’ Coach Carroll was pretty mellow but Coach O and Coach Burns, they were crazy.”
Thomas said he’ll visit Cal (Nov. 20) and USC (Dec. 4).
“I also want to visit Arizona for sure and maybe Washington State as well,” Thomas added. “I talked to Desean (Jackson) at the game and we’re going to visit Cal together. I’m not sure when the visits to Arizona and Washington State will be but I definitely want to check out both colleges to see what they have to offer.”