It ended too early for Pittman

East St. John defensive standout Kirston Pittman is ready to look forward to the next step of his football career. All high school careers have to end at some point, but Pittman undoubtedly feels that his senior year was snuffed out prematurely with East St. John’s first round exit from the Louisiana state playoffs last week.
“Yeah, I’m going to have time to really look at all my schools now,” Pittman said. “I can sit down and narrow down my list.”
The four star prospect currently has seven schools on his list. He has visits scheduled to Florida State on January 10, and Miami on January 24. What other schools are in contention for the final three visits?
“Michigan, Texas, LSU, OU and Mississippi State,” Pittman said. “Those schools will probably get my last few visits.”
The recruiting game is nothing new to the Pittman household. Pittman is attacking recruiting with a mature reserve. Much of that can be attributed to the guidance of former national recruit, and current NFL (Cleveland) defensive tackle Thomas Pittman, Kirston’s older brother.
“He’s never pressured me to go to Florida (where Thomas played), or Auburn where he originally signed out of high school,” Kirston Pittman said.
“He told me that it was my decision, that I’d have to spend the next four years of my life wherever I choose to go. He told me to take my time, and make the best decision for me.”
With the guidance of his older brother, Thomas is being very judicious with his comments about the schools in contention. However, he is not shy about sharing his affinity for the state of Florida.
“I love the state of Florida,” he said. “I love the climate, the attitude, just the general atmosphere in Florida. It’s just the kind of guy I am.”
Will that give the Florida schools an advantage?
“A little bit, though maybe not at all,” he said. “The climate has its plusses and minuses. If I want to play at the next level (NFL), I’m going to have to get used to the colder climate eventually.”
Perhaps he will even line up next to his brother someday in the NFL. With his big frame, it is easy to project Pittman at the defensive end position or the outside rush linebacker spot.
“I’m being recruited at defensive end,” Pittman said. “That’s where I’d rather play. I love rushing the quarterback.”