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Isaac focused on three after USC trip

The USC Trojans made a strong move for Joliet (Ill.) Catholic running back Ty Isaac following a March visit to their campus. The nation's No. 2 ranked running back made a return trip to Los Angeles this past weekend, this time bringing his parents along to check out the school.
"I just got back late last night/early this morning," Isaac reported. "For me, I think it was the same as before. This was more for my parents, to be honest.
"They have been to everywhere else I have been considering, and this was my mom's first time [at USC]. She really got to get out there, meet the coaches face-to-face and see what was what. I haven't really talked to them about what they thought yet, but I think it went pretty well."
Isaac and his family arrived in Southern California on Friday and stayed through until Sunday. That gave Isaac time to get a feel for being a student-athlete at the school.
"I did like getting to spend a couple whole days with the players and seeing what that is actually like," Isaac said. "Not all of it is going to be fun… that's not what being a student-athlete is all about, but I actually got to get a real look at it."
Among the Trojan players Isaac was around during his visit to USC were quarterback Max Wittek, offensive lineman Cyrus Hobbi and quarterback Emon Saee. They gave Isaac Isaac a familiarity with the Trojans players to go along with what he already knew about the coaching staff and the campus.
"As far as the staff, I have been in pretty good contact with them even when I am not there. I feel really comfortable with them," he said.
"As far as the distance, I have talked to my parents and that has never been an issue for me or them either. They can afford to come out and visit whenever they want to. If it ends up being them, that wouldn't be a problem, and at the same time being within driving distance wouldn't be bad either."
Following the trip to USC, the direction of Isaac's recruitment is starting to take shape and three schools have emerged as the top contenders.
"Right now, it's Michigan, USC and Notre Dame," Isaac said. "Among that group some are ahead of others, but I think it's down to them. Hopefully I can get this thing knocked out soon.
"If all goes well and nothing else comes up, hopefully I can get this done before my season starts, whether that be soon or in August. If not, I've got until February 2nd. I don't see it going that long, but if circumstances warrant that then so be it."
Before making that decision, Isaac said a trip to Michigan could take place in the near future. In the meantime, he reflected on what it is about USC that attracts him to the Trojans.
"Like with the other schools I am looking at, there is something - intangibles - that kind of set it apart," he said. "I like the school, you know what you are going to get with the football, and like I said, it's got its intangibles."