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Isaac comfortable at USC

Four-star running back Ty Isaac of Joliet (Ill.) Catholic has made visits to several schools in recent weeks. This past weekend the 6-3, 215-pound prospect made the flight to Southern California to visit USC.
Isaac arrived in California on Thursday and did not fly out until Sunday night, so he had plenty of time to experience all the university and surrounding area had to offer.
"There were really no set expectations, it was just a good visit," Isaac said. "It was nothing that I wasn't expecting. I got to see things and talk to coaches."
Each of the USC coaches spent an equal time with Isaac, according to the four-star prospect. He also had the opportunity to chat with current Trojans about being a student-athlete at USC.
"I just talked with a lot of guys and we got to hang out for a decent amount of time," he said. "For the most part, I was getting the same thing about the program - it is a good place to be, good coaches, good atmosphere."
This was not Isaac's first visit to the Southern California area, and he has an uncle who lives in the area.
"We hung out with him a couple days while we were out there," Isaac noted. "If it came to it, it would be nice to have somebody out there, but at the end of the day I am comfortable out there. That's never been an issue. You can get homesick being 30 minutes away, so that's not really a factor in the decision."
One factor that Isaac has maintained will be important to his decision is the style of offense played at particular schools, and he found USC's offensive scheme to his liking.
"It's the pro-style that I want to play in and they do a lot of things with it," Isaac said. "For the most part it stayed consistent no matter who was there."
The Chicago area native also noted that the weather in Southern California was a definite plus when evaluating the school.
"There were no complaints," he said. "You can't really go wrong with the weather out there."
Accompanying Isaac on the trip to USC was his father, who was evaluating many of the same aspects of the university and football program as his son.
"I think we were both out there just kind of seeing what was what," Isaac said. "They went through it really thoroughly, so any questions we would have had were taken care of right away."
Among the schools that Isaac has taken visits to recently are Auburn, Michigan and Notre Dame. He does not have any other trips planned in the near future, nor a set timetable for his decision.
"Right now I am just kind of taking my time and whenever I feel it is right I am going to do what I have to do," Isaac said. "But right now I am not necessarily feeling like that. I'm just going to chill out for awhile.
"As far as top schools, I have some ones that have definitely established themselves, but that does not mean I am going to close anybody out."
Isaac was not ready to divulge the specific schools that have already established themselves, but did add, "They know who they are."
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