Is Williams still torn

Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure defensive back Michael Williams took his official visit to Michigan two weeks ago and mentioned shortly afterwards that he could possibly be ready to make his decision in a few weeks. It looks like that decision will still be a few weeks away.
Williams, 5-10, 185 pounds narrowed his choices back in the summer to Notre Dame and Michigan and has now visited both. He took an unofficial visit to Notre Dame back in the summer and some felt he could give the Irish an early commitment.
The defensive back decided to hold off on making his decision until he checked out Michigan, which he did earlier this month. Where is Williams now at in his decision process?

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"In all my years of coaching, Michael has probably been the best at not even worrying about recruiting while the season is going on," Seraph coach Jon Mack said. "To be honest, I'm a little surprised he hasn't made a decision yet but he really wants to focus on our season and that's actually kind of refreshing.
"It's funny, I've even gotten calls in the last month from both Michigan and Notre Dame saying they think they're out of it because Michael was short on the phone with them or isn't returning their phone calls. I have to tell them, Michael just doesn't want to think about recruiting until our season is over and now that we're in the playoffs, he's even more focused.
"I've even tried to talk with Michael to see where he's leaning and he'll say, 'coach, lets just talk about the game plan for this weekend.' That's how focused he is. I really don't think he's leaning one way or the other right now. These are two very special programs that are not only top five programs this year, but traditional powers that have great coaching staffs and a great academic reputation.
"I think if Michael truly knew where to go, he would have made his decision already. He's not the kind of kid that is going to drag this out for dramatic affect. I think once our season is over, he'll spend about a week really thinking hard about it and when he knows, that's when he'll go ahead and make his choice."