Is Texas DE ready to announce

He is or isn't he? That's maybe not the right question. Maybe the right question for Lindale, Texas, defensive end Michael Williams should be is he ready to announce?
"I've been doing a lot of thinking and talking with my family," Williams said. "I'm starting to narrow my focus on one school maybe a little over the other. But, I'm not ready to officially commit yet."
Williams said one of those schools he's thinking more of is either Oklahoma or Texas. That's all he would say.

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"I still have one more trip," Williams, who is in the middle of a successful basketball campaign now, said.
"I might check USC out to see what it's like out there in the sun. I've never been out there before."
But it's becoming clearer that the decision to announce is something that has been weighing on him and his family.
"It's tough," Williams said. "The phone never stops ringing. I'm ready to throw it out, so that's why we don't answer it too often."