Is Texas ATH still heading to ACC

Pflugerville, Texas Todd Walker is one of the top athletes in the Lone Star State this season. That status has led to several schools expressing interest in his abilities, but the three-star rated Walker made a choice in August while keeping one eye open. Is he still looking around, or is he solid with his pledge to Georgia Tech?
“There is nothing really new going on,” the 6-foot-2, 185-pound Walker said. “I haven’t had a lot of stuff going on since our season ended. Not many schools were calling me or anything and nothing has changed with my commitment. I am committed to Georgia Tech.”
Walker had also visited Purdue, Texas A&M and Texas Tech, in addition to visiting the ACC school during the season.
“There really aren’t other schools talking to me anymore,” he said. “I am solidly committed to Georgia Tech. I visited there one of the weekends during the season and I’m happy with my choice.”
Walker and Pflugerville’s season came to an end in the second round of the playoffs this fall.
“We lost to Lufkin in the second round,” he said. “I got the ball only six times that game. On the season, I had about 600 yards passing, 600 yards rushing and 400 yards receiving.”
Walker hasn’t had any coaches come by his house yet, but expects one school to before long.
“There hasn’t been anybody by the house to see me yet. But, I don’t expect anyone other than Georgia Tech to come by. I don’t know when they will, but I know they will.”