Is Schoenhofts phone still ringing

Cincinnati (Ohio) St. Xavier quarterback and Ohio State commitment Rob Schoenhoft sustained an ankle injury during the first game of the season and sat out the following two games. He came back the fourth game and has thrown for close to 600 yards and six touchdowns as St. Xavier is currently 5-1.
Even though Schoenhoft committed to the Buckeyes during the summer, that doesn't mean he is not involved with recruiting.
"I talked to Andre Amos the week before he committed to Ohio State," Schoenhoft said. "I've talked to Rico McCoy. I called Fred Rouse. I called Dan Doering, Justin King, Alex Daniels, Anthony Felder, Selwyn Lymon, Derrick Williams, I've talked to a lot of the big boys."
Asked if any schools are still pursuing him, Schoenhoft said, "Michigan is trying to recruit me still. But I'm not answering their phone calls. I'm 110% going to Ohio State."
Asked about his official visit to Ohio State, Schoenhoft said, "I was planning on the Michigan game weekend. But my sister has a baby due three days after that. So it's about 50% it will be that weekend."
Schoenhoft is the No. 4 pro-style quarterback prospect in the player rankings and the No. 5 prospect in the state of Ohio.