Is OU commitment still looking

Leander, Texas, athlete Paul Thompson is still committed to Oklahoma. But there were some rumors floating around on Wednesday that he might be visiting Oklahoma State this weekend. What did Thompson have to say about those rumors?
"Well, I'm still very committed to Oklahoma," Thompson said. "I just had an in-home visit yesterday with coach (Bobby Jack) Wright. We set up my visit for this weekend.
"We don't have a basketball game on Friday, so I'm going to head up to OU for my visit. I've been up there for the Baylor and A&M games, but this will be different since it's my official visit."

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So what about the rumors about him visiting Oklahoma State? Are there any truth to those? Sort of.
"I'm still very committed, but I still might take some other trips, but only to see what it's like," Thompson said. "I'm pretty set on OU, and coach Wright proved to me again this week why I picked OU.
"I haven't set anything up. I haven't heard from Texas since I committed, but Oklahoma State is the main one that is talking to me. I visited them this summer before I committed, and I liked their facilities and they need a quarterback really bad.
"Coach Wyatt and Coach Gundy from OSU are recruiting me. They're really nice, but Oklahoma is my team."
Thompson said his visit this weekend could be key in whether or not he does decide to visit OSU.
"If things are perfect at OU, and I think they will be, then there will be no reason for me to take anymore visits," Thompson said.