Is Missouri LB still a Husker

Kansas City (Mo.) Oak Park linebacker Michael Keenan has had schools calling him in the wake of Nebraska’s firing of Frank Solich. Where does the Husker commitment stand the day after the shake-up in Lincoln?
“It’s no good if you’re Frank Solich,” Keenan said when asked his thoughts on the coaching situation at Nebraska. “I mean, it’s not cool. I’d rather it not happen. But, it did. We’ll just have to go forward.”
Has the 6-foot-2, 220-pound Keenan had any second thoughts about his commitment?
“I’m still going to go to Nebraska,” he said. “I’ve had schools calling. Kansas State and Kansas have called. There have been others, too. Unless something really weird goes on with hire, I’m going to be a Husker. If something weird goes on with the hiring of a new coach I might look around. But, barring something odd, I’ll be at Nebraska.”
Does the three-star rated Keenan have a preference as to who gets the job?
“A lot goes into the whole process of a coaching change. Not knowing anything about the situation and all of the details of everything, I would say Bo Pelini since he was my position coach. I’m comfortable with him. If he stayed, there would be some other guys kept too and that would make it easier to keep things like they were when I began liking the school. But, there is too much going on for me to make that call. They’ll put a lot of thought into it.”
Keenan has yet to visit Nebraska officially and plans to work on that soon.
“I’m going to schedule an official visit hopefully this week. I’d like to get that done and get up there officially. It’s no rush. We’ll get it done.”
Keenan finished the season with almost 1,900 yards rushing and 23 touchdowns on offense. From his linebacker position, he recorded 84 tackles.