Is McKillop still a Panther

Early in the recruiting process, linebacker Scott McKillop received his first offer from Pittsburgh and committed shortly thereafter. That still hasn't stopped some top programs from trying to attract him.
"Yeah, there are schools still coming after me," said McKillop, a 6-foot-2, 216-pound linebacker from Vandergrift (Pa.) Kiski Area. "Penn State, West Virginia, UConn and Boston College are still contacting me and showing interest. They haven't offered, but none of that really matters. My commitment to Pitt is just as solid now as it was when I made it."
McKillop, whose brother Chris is a freshman at Pitt, has been straight forward with schools recruiting him.

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"I'm honest and up front with schools that approach me now, and I just tell them that I'm firm in my commitment to Pitt. They're the only school I'm looking at. I guess it's good that they're still recruiting me in case something major happens, but I doubt it will."
McKillop just completed a two-day camp at Penn State. Did the Nittany Lions leave a good impression on him?
"It was different than most camps or visits will be," he said. "It was mostly just controlled scrimmaging, so I didn't talk to coaches or anything like that. Monday I'll be going to Pitt for a one-day camp and the following week I'm going to Pitt for some 7-on-7 drills."
With the ACC's expansion talks remaining at the front of everyone's mind, the Big East's future -- and subsequently Pitt's future -- is largely unknown. How has that affected McKillop?
"It's something that I'm trying to follow," he said. "Whatever happens just happens, so I'm trying not to think it's too big of a deal. I committed to Pitt because of the program and the coaches and not because of the conference. I'll be happy with the team no matter what conference they're in."