Is LB still leaning to UDub

San Diego Mission Bay linebacker Scott White has been leaning toward Washington the past few weeks. But did an in-home visit with Oklahoma assistant Chuck Long change that?
"I still like Washington a lot," White, who is 6-foot-3 and 230 pounds, said. "They lead over Oklahoma and Colorado is trying to come in, but they're a solid third."
So did Oklahoma make up any ground on the Huskies since coach Long was in the home? It sounds like it – at least a little bit.
"It's going to come down to Washington and Oklahoma," White said. "My mom really likes coach Long. He's a good guy. He just pretty much laid it on the table of whom they were recruiting and where I would fit in with their linebacker situation.
"I know they want to take a few other linebackers, but they said they would take only the best ones and whichever ones come first would be the ones they would take."
White said he's still not ready to pull the trigger though.
Washington coach Rick Neuheisel is set to make an in-home visit next Wednesday and coach Long is going to bring coach Bob Stoops for an in-home visit either late next week or early in the week after.
“I can’t wait to meet with coach Neuheisel,” White said. “There’s just something about him that makes you want to play for him. I think it’s mainly the fact that he can relate to you since he’s young at heart.
“He’s not afraid to discipline you, but he’s also not a drill sergeant. I like that about him. He knows right from wrong, but won’t kill you with the little details.”
White said he doesn't plan on committing until both coach Stoops and coach Neuheisel have a chance for their in-homes. And White also said he might still take two more trips to Oregon and Ohio State.
"But we're still playing, so I don't have any dates set," he said.
Speaking of playing White has been nothing short of spectacular the past few weeks. In a quarterfinal victory in front of friends and family that were in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, White recorded 12 tackles, blocked a punk, had a sack and scored a rushing touchdown.
“It was really special because it was probably our last Thanksgiving together for a while,” White said. “So, I got to go out there and have my family cheer for me. They were really proud. I’m glad I gave them something to cheer for.”