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Is Gwaltney committed

Long Island (N.Y.) North Babylon running back Jason Gwaltney was expected to announce his college destination on Tuesday at 5:20PM EST on ESPNews. However, an article released on the New York Newsday website said he picked West Virginia and will announce at a press conference at 10:00AM EST Tuesday. So what's the real deal?
"I have not committed to anyone yet," said the 6-foot-0, 234-pounder. "I am beyond upset at that article. I spoke to that dude yesterday and he took everything that was said and wasn't said and made it into a story. I never said I was committed to West Virginia, never said I was going to commit to West Virginia and my press conference is on Wednesday at 10AM EST, not Tuesday. Pretty much everything in the aricle is wrong."
Gwaltney spoke to Newsday writer Gregg Sarra just moments ago about the article.
"He didn't know what to say," Gwaltney said. "This is serious to me, this is just false information. My coach just got a call from coach Tressel at Ohio State asking what's up and I'm sure USC is going to call as well. This guy is just guessing at where I'm going."
In speaking to Sarra, he agreed that this was a guess, albeit an informed one.
"Nowhere does it quote Jason that he's going to West Virginia in the article," said Sarra. "It's speculation. That's where we think he's going based on what we know."
Gwaltney still said he's leaning towards Ohio State and Southern Cal with West Virginia just behind them.
"That's where it's at, quote me on it," he said. "I am still in the decision-making process. All three schools have a chance."
Sarra understands the nature of the business.
"He could change his mind and make us look wrong," he said. "He could have gone on record and said it was West Virginia or whoever and still changed his mind when he woke up Wednesday. This article was supposed to come out on Tuesday instead of today, but it doesn't change anything. It's where we think he's going."
Gwaltney still plans on announcing his decision on national television Tuesday. Gwaltney admits to having changed his mind numerous times in the process.
"I've wanted West Virginia, Ohio State and USC at different times," he said. "I still don't know where I'm going and the coaches don't either. How Newsday knows is funny."