Is Florida ATH solid on pledge

Boca Raton, Fla., athlete Jimmy Sutton has been on the Texas commitment list for quite some time. But he’s also said he’s going to take several official visits for quite sometime. Is that still the case now that he’s had a chance to speak with the Texas coaches again after September 1?
“I’m 99 percent committed to Texas,” Sutton said. “I talked with coach (Mack) Brown the other day and he stressed that he wants me to be sure of my decision and that he knew that Texas was the right place for me.
“I told him that I agreed, but I just needed to see a few more places before I’m 100 percent. But like I said, I’m 99 percent sure that it’s Texas.”
Sutton, who is a four-star athlete that can be a star at receiver or defensive back, said he is still leaving the door open slightly for other teams.
Those teams you ask?
“I’m into Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Washington and Michigan State,” he said. “Those are the main ones that have called me and that I’ve liked talking to. I’ve not talked to Florida or Michigan State, yet, though. Some of the other schools that were talking to me seemed to back away since they heard I committed.
“But that’s cool because that means not as much pressure. I can be more relaxed with the few coaches that are calling me.”
As he finished that sentence, Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer clicked in and Sutton excused himself to spend time talking to the Vols’ head coach.
In his first game of the season, Sutton had two catches for 45 yards – despite having a second-string quarterback under center.
“I was open a few times on the go route,” Sutton said. “But man, the quarterback couldn’t throw it that far. I think we’re going to have me do more underneath stuff and some more slant routes this week.”