Is DE Graves down to four schools

Four schools appear to have lined themselves up for official visits from defensive end John Graves. Rivals talked with Richmond (Va.) Meadowbrook head coach Bill Bowles to find out the details on his star player.
"He hasn't totally made up his mind yet, but he's looking at Virginia Tech, Virginia, Georgia and Florida for officials. I don't think he has an offer from Florida yet," he said. "I believe he'll be taking an official visit to Virginia Tech the weekend of the Miami game, but other than that I'd assume the rest of them will be after the season. I think he's pretty even amongst the four schools and he's keeping an open mind about it."
Does the four-star prospect plan to take a fifth official?

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"I really don't know, he obviously has the option to, but I'm not sure that will happen," he said. "I know Boston College and Ohio State have been showing interest and calling him for a while, but he hasn't expressed to me as much of an interest in those schools as the others."
A couple weeks back Graves took in the Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech game and he plans to stop in Charlottesville this weekend for the Virginia-Florida State game.
"He didn't give me any indications about his trip to Virginia Tech, but he's been to both of those schools a lot," he said. "I think he's just looking to visit and see the ball game."
The No. 21 strongside defensive end in the country has helped Meadowbrook to a solid 4-1 start.
"John is doing a great job on defense for us and he's especially doing better on his rush work," he said. "He's been getting double teamed a lot and is adjusting and working through it really well. I think he's settled in his mind that would happen and he hasn't let it get to him.
John Graves VideoClick "I don't recall his statistics this year, but he's one of the leading sackers and tacklers in the league. He's also probably blocked at least five kicks this year too. I can say he's much smarter and makes key plays at key times this year compared to last. He's much more mature and is just stepping up to make things happen."Here to view this Link.