Is Childs getting close

We caught up with a disappointed and obviously dejected Jeremy Childs last Friday night after his Los Alamitos (Calif.) squad came up short in the Div I final to Long Beach Poly. Childs has two trips set right now but said he may just take one more before ‘ending this thing.’
Childs, a 6-0, 180 pound wide out played well in the loss but was still obviously hurt by the way his season ended.
“I feel we could have won,” Childs said. “We had some things we could have done out there but just didn’t take advantage of them and that was the frustrating part. It just wasn’t out night I guess.”
Childs has visited Arizona State and is set to visit UCLA this weekend (Dec. 17) and Oregon (Jan. 7).
“I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the Oregon trip,” Childs said. “I’m getting tired of the process a little and that could be because I’m tired right now but I might just end this thing pretty soon and UCLA has been my top school for awhile now. If my trip goes well and everything feels right, I might just commit on the visit. If I’m still not ready, then I’ll take a few more trips. I’ll just play it by ear.”