Is Ball Orange yet

Hamden, Conn. defensive tackle Eric Ball said he might commit on his first official visit this weekend. Did he?
"No, I didn't commit or anything, but Syracuse if coming to my house on Wednesday," said the 6-foot-5, 290-pounder. "I went up to Syracuse by myself and had a great time up there. The decision is mine and I really liked the players and coaches, so I could commit on Wednesday."
What would be his other option?
"Well, Iowa is probably too far away and so is Penn State, so it would only be Boston College," he said. "If I get my test score back and qualify, I might take my visit to BC on either Jan. 24 or Jan. 31 even if I commit. But if I don't know if I'm qualified, forget it. I'd need to take my test again on Jan. 24 and BC wouldn't be able to promise me admission. Syracuse has been great about it, they said they'll take me no matter what."
Ball took the SAT back in mid-December but hasn't received the results yet.
"They're still looking for it, can you believe that?" he laughed. "If they can't find it, I'll freak out. That could be the test score that gets me qualified and could change a lot."