Irish lead for Reuland after official visit

The No. 42 player in the country, Konrad Reuland out of Mission Viejo, Calif. took his first official visit of the season to South Bend last weekend. The 6-foot-6, 239-pounder enjoyed his visit to Notre Dame and also enjoyed the Irish's victory over Navy.
"The visit was a lot of fun and I had a real good time," he said. "I got there Friday afternoon and went to the pep rally. Then I met with the athletic director and went out to dinner with some of the coaches. On Saturday, I met with the president of the university, the assistant dean of the business school and went to the game. That night I went out with my hosts Chris Frome and Anthony Fasano. They were really cool guys and I had a good time with them. They answered a lot of my questions about the team, coach Weis and gave a lot of positive feedback.
"Then on Sunday I met with coach Weis before I left. My conversation with him went really well. I talked about how I feel about Notre Dame and he asked about my official. He told me that I'm the only tight end they are offering no matter what, so that was kind of cool because they obviously have a lot of faith in me and I know I'm really wanted."
Though it wasn't the most competitive game, Reuland enjoyed watching Notre Dame's 42-21 victory over Navy.
"The game was awesome and I loved the whole gameday setting," he said. "I haven't seen anything like that before. The fans are the best I've seen and I've been to a bunch of college games. You could tell they had a lot of tradition. The atmosphere was great too, it was obviously a game you're not looking forward to the most, but it was sold out like every week and I got to sit in the student section and they did pushups with me and my brother.
"In the game, I noticed they use a lot of two and three tight end sets. They threw to the tight end a lot, so that's really good to see too."
The four-star prospect had a hard time rating the visit, but thoroughly enjoyed his time in South Bend.
"I'd say Notre Dame is way up there now," he said. "I can't rate the visit, but they are definitely one of the teams I'm strongly looking at. I'd give them a slight edge, but I plan to see other schools still and see how I feel about them."
Reuland plans to take his next official this weekend to Stanford.
"I'm hoping to just get a better feel of what gameday is like and the whole atmosphere there," he said. "I want to see what the coaches are like and if they are ones I want to play for. We'll see what happens."