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Iowa newest to offer Texas RB

San Antonio (Texas) Madison all-purpose running back Gary Green II has high expectations. Even though, he’s rushed for 466 yards in three games and his team is 3-0 on the season, he’s not happy. But when you’re one of the top players in South Texas, you can be picky about your game.
“It hasn’t been going the way I want it to be,” Green, who is 5-foot-9 and 170 pounds, said. “I’m doing pretty good, and I’m honestly happy that we’re winning, but I’ve not been given a whole lot of room to work with. It’s been real frustrating. I’m still getting decent yards, but I know as a team and an offense we could be doing better.”
But things have been getting better on the recruiting front.
Green had been sitting on scholarship offers from Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, BYU, Kansas and Stanford for the longest time, but there is a newcomer to the offer sheet.
“A coach from Iowa called me on Thursday of last week and asked me if I had gotten the offer letter in the mail,” Green said. “I told him that I hadn’t gotten anything and he explained to me that they’re officially offering me. He offered me on the phone and then the offer letter came the next day.”
What does he know about Iowa?
“I know they have a great balanced offense,” Green said. “They have a smaller running back, so I know they don’t care about size and just care about a guy that gets it done.”
Green said Pittsburgh remains at the top of his list, but Oklahoma State would be considered co-leaders now. The rest of his top five includes Wisconsin, Notre Dame and Iowa.
“There are a few other guys, like UCLA, that if they offer me, will jump up on my list,” Green said. “I’m getting a lot of calls, so you could really see my list change here over the next few months.”