Iowa makes late splash with Roh

There's a bit of urgency in Jake Roh's voice when he speaks about Iowa. The Hawkeyes are the source of the Scottsdale (Ariz) Chaparral athlete's latest offer - an offer that came during a face-to-face meeting early in the week. It's not that Roh is in some kind of rush to commit or anything like that. He's just strapped for time.
With signing day just more than two months away, his increased stress level concerns squeezing in another official visit. His next few weekends are already booked. The schedule is as follows:
On Dec. 1, Roh is set to visit San Diego State. The weekend after that will take him to Boise State. Then it's off to Duke on Dec. 14. For a player hoping to make a verbal commitment by mid December, this presents a problem. Still, he contends that an offer from Iowa is too exciting to ignore, and the process of squeezing in a trip to Iowa City has begun.

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"I might have to go mid-week to Iowa," Roh said. "Nothing is set in stone for that yet, but I'm thinking about going to Iowa mid-week next week, on a Wednesday, and then flying straight to Boise for my next visit.
"I'm definitely pretty interested in Iowa, so I definitely want to check it out. I just have to fit it in."
Hawkeye assistant LeVar Woods extended Roh's 8th scholarship offer during an in-home visit early in the week. The conversation consisted of the standard recruiting propaganda … for the most part, anyway. Turns out, the invitation also came with a warning or sorts.
"He told me that Iowa is known for being very tedious with their process of offering kids," Roh said. "He said, 'now that we've offered and people hear about it, you may get some more offers.' So I guess we'll see if some new stuff pops up now."
Just where that next offer might come from is anyone's guess. UCLA remains in contact with the three-star prospect but hasn't produced anything official as of yet. As for favorites, Roh says he's limited to the schools he's decided to visit; Iowa, Duke, Washington State, Boise State and San Diego State.
But his brother Craig, who currently plays linebacker at Michigan, seems to have a more specific preference when it comes to his younger sibling's future.
"My brother, just from playing there against them, says Iowa would be a great place to play," Jake Roh said. "He says it's a real college town with a lot of tradition."
Jake Roh plays both wide receiver and linebacker at Chaparral. Iowa, like most other schools, is recruiting him as the latter.