Rivals.com - Introducing: Rivals FutureCast & FanFutureCast
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Introducing: Rivals FutureCast & FanFutureCast

It's here, college sports recruiting fans! Today we unveil Rivals FutureCast and FanFutureCast, where our recruiting experts and you, the most avid college football fans, forecast the school to which the top prospects will sign.

See the experts forecast where top prospects will commit

Rivals' prospect profiles have been enhanced to show what school our national recruiting experts and the local team site publishers are forecasting for each prospect. Watch how forecasts change over time with the FutureCast graph, with filters to compare and contrast how aggregate forecasts from analysts, publishers and fans differ.

Analysts now have their own profiles where you can view their entire FutureCast history, a bio, and their overall forecasting hit/miss ratio.

Think you can out-forecast the pros? It's time to put up or shut up, and you could earn accolades and prizes!