Interest is picking up for 2013 WR Moore

College interest is growing for 6-foot-3, 182-pound wide receiver Daquin Moore. The Hampton, Va. prospect is a prospect to watch for 2013 as colleges are quickly gaining.
"I'm getting a lot of letters coming in from Clemson, Florida State, Miami, Penn State, Notre Dame, Alabama, Stanford and Virginia," he said. "They all say they are interested and tell me about the school, who came from the school who made it to the NFL and such. That's about it so far."
Moore hasn't visited schools this fall, but made a trip to Virginia for camp this summer.
"The coaches there were just saying that I'm a good route runner and since I'm only a junior they are going to watch me."
Moore claims no favorites, but is looking for a few things.
"What I want in a school is that it has to have a good atmosphere where I can grow and succeed. I'm looking at studying archaeology. Location isn't a big factor for me."
So, what sticks out about Moore as a player?
"I don't really think about it, but maybe my vision and my ability to find the hole as a receiver. I still want to work on my speed."