Interest is growing for CB Middleton

Winston-Salem (N.C.) Parkland cornerback Douglas Middleton is beginning to take visits. The 6-foot-0, 180-pounder has been to two colleges already and plans to head out on more visits soon.
"I went to North Carolina on March 27th and South Carolina in February," he said. "I loved the visit to Notre Carolina.
"I am planning to head to Duke this week and then maybe North Carolina again as well. I'm also looking to head to ECU on Saturday."

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Colleges are very interested, but no one has pulled the trigger to date.
"I don't have any offers yet because all the coaches have been telling me the film is too zoomed in," he said. "They want to see what I can do before I make the play. So, I'm making another highlight tape and then I plan to go to a lot of college camps."
Middleton already has a number of camps in mind.
"I know I'm headed to South Carolina, Duke, North Carolina, ECU, NC State and Virginia Tech for sure, if they don't offer me before then."
With lots of interest, does Middleton like anybody?
"I do like North Carolina, South Carolina and Illinois," he said. "I've been to North Carolina and South Carolina a lot and Illinois has been the most interested."