Interest increasing for Glenville DT

Defensive tackles are always in high demand, because it is difficult to find big bodies with the athleticism needed for the position. Cleveland (Ohio) Glenville's Willie Henry is a beneficiary of the continuing need for defensive tackles, and has seen his stock rise in recent months.
"I've started to talk to Hawaii, Mississippi State more, Pitt, Syracuse, Cincinnati, UCF," Henry said. "Ohio State has been calling me more and Michigan State has been contacting me."
The 6-2, 270-pound Henry already lists offers from Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Cincinnati and several Mid-American Conference schools. More offers could be on the way, however.

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"Hawaii is close. I have to call the coaches tonight and I should know by tomorrow if Hawaii has offered me," Henry said. "Mississippi State is supposed to be coming up to this week's game against Lincoln West. They want to see me and Alex Pace play in pads, because we went down there for camp."
Glenville has already dropped three games this fall, and Henry's first priority is righting the ship so the Tarblooders can enter the post-season on an uptick. That has prevented him from getting on the road and visiting schools this fall.
"I really haven't set up any official visits and have not set a schedule of what college games I want to see," Henry said. "I know I am going to make it to more college games just to see what I am going to be competing with next year. I think my senior season with Glenville is more important, but hopefully after our season ends I can plan some more official visits."
Henry did attend Ohio State's home contest against Toledo with teammates De'van Bogard, Sean Draper, Pace and others. Glenville has sent numerous player to Ohio State in the past decade, and the interest from the Buckeyes has Henry intrigued.
"It's a big step for me," he said. "I've been watching Ohio State since I was a little one."
Henry also likes the thought of getting away from home for school and giving himself a chance to grow and mature away from home. Whether to stay closer to home or go away for college will depend on which opportunities present themselves in the coming months, however.