Interest in Lock rising

Drew Lock has plenty to think about it. He may not have to make any sort of decision yet, but the mental wheels are turning nonetheless. The 2015 quarterback prospect has the same choice in front of him that every recruit has to deal with. But, on top of that, he also needs to choose a sport.
Lock is being recruited to play both football (offers from Missouri and Louisville) and basketball (offers from Missouri and Missouri State). The Lee's Summit (Mo.) High School junior says he has no problem playing both for a year or so. But eventually …
"Eventually, I'll probably have to pick one," Lock said on Tuesday. "As of right now, I'm not very sure. If a school will let me play both, I'd try to play both but then I'd have to decide one or the other."
Lock participated at Notre Dame's camp on Tuesday morning and left feeling good about his performance. The rising junior left South Bend without a scholarship offer but realizes there's plenty of time for that. He did, however, insert himself into the discussion and onto the Irish's radar. According to Lock, that was the goal all along.
"I threw for the coaches after the morning camp session," he said. "I threw pretty well today, actually. It's a little too early for an offer but they were hinting at it but they said I'm the type of guy they are looking for. I can make plays when they need it and be real mobile."
Missouri, of course, is seen as the early frontrunner, even if Lock doesn't admit that freely. Both his father and grandfather played for the Tigers and the draw of following his family's Mizzou legacy is enticing. He admits that much freely and without prompt. Add in the fact that MU is the first school to offer him the chance to play both football and basketball, and the program's standing as a power player in his recruitment is further solidified.
Lock to Missouri is by no means a done deal, but it certainly looks like strong possibility.
"My dad played there, and my dad's dad played there," Lock said. "So that's something. Three generations playing for the same school would be crazy. It's basically the hometown for me and, with the tradition there, it feels like home."
At the same time, though, Lock is already skilled when it comes to rattling off the no-pressure talking point that almost always accompanies a bloodline-based narrative.
"My dad doesn't want what he did in his past to decide what I do in my future," Lock said. "He's leaving it totally up to me."
Louisville is the only other school to offer Lock a football scholarship thus far. And while it's not the hometown school and there's no deep-running family tradition in play, it also has it perks.
"Shawn Watson is an extremely, extremely good quarterback coach," Lock said. "Making Teddy Bridgewater into the quarterback that he was says something to me. I think that says a lot. The coaching you can get at Louisville is as good as it comes."
Next up for Lock is a camp at Tennessee, where he hopes to earn an offer from the Vols.