Interest in 2016 DB spreading

Max Wariboko doesn't speak for his brother even if some people would prefer he did. Still, the 2016 defensive back knows that the perception is out there. He knows that many believe he and his brother, four-star 2015 guard prospect Josh Wariboko, are hoping to play college football together.
So when Max speaks about his most recent offer, an invite from UCLA, he prefaces his thoughts.
"I don't know what my brother thinks or anything like that I don't know if we're going to go there," Max Wariboko said. "I know, at least for me, it's one of my top schools. I don't know if it is for Josh or not, but it's one of mine.

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Max Wariboko, who won't sign a letter of intent until February of 2016, already holds three scholarship offers. Joining UCLA on the list are Louisville and Tulsa. More schools are slowly moving in, however, and the Oklahoma City Casady School cornerback is hoping to earn a few more offers when he hits the team camp circuit this summer.
Already on the schedule are camps at Clemson and Oklahoma State. A Texas-based Oregon State camp may also be in the cards. The most recent addition, though, is an appearance at the school to which his brother was once committed.
"I'm going to Oklahoma's camp now because my cousin is coming down to go from Texas and he wants somebody to room with there," Max Wariboko said. "So I'm going to go to that one for sure."
But for now, Max Wariboko remains concerned with his most recent opportunity. The joy is apparent in his voice when he recounts the moment.
"They were at my schools and - you know how they can't really talk to us that much - well, Mr. [Adrian] Klemm gave my coach his number and had me call. When I called, he said he watched my film and wanted to offer. I was so happy."