Injury pushes up schedule for Texan

Arlington, Texas, is deep in the Texas state playoffs and it’s an even more amazing run when you consider that three-star athlete Brad Ekwerekwu is not there to help the Colts continue their run.
Ekwerekwu suffered an injury in last week’s game and it’s one that’s going to keep him out for the rest of Arlington’s playoff run.
“It’s a radial fracture in my arm,” Ekwerekwu said. “It’s the big bone on the side of my arm that my thumb is on. It’s just snapped in two. They’ve had to put a metal rod in there and it’s now healing.”

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While the injury has ended Ekwerekwu’s season, he’s still not going to let that stop him from helping his team out. Along with being Arlington’s biggest cheerleader, Ekwerekwu now considers himself one of the team’s best coaches.
“I’ll do whatever it takes,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of guys step up, and I think the biggest thing that I can help with is being a leader and a coach.”
And with the injury, Ekwerekwu has said his recruitment has become more of a priority.
“It gives you a whole lot more time to think about things,” he said. “The urgency has stepped up know. I’ve had to take this all into perception and think about my future a little more quicker than I thought.”
And there is one team that he’s thinking more and more about spending that future with.
“I’m really high on Missouri right now,” he said.
“The coaches are doing a great job with me. They were the first to offer me and have been sticking with me the whole way.”
Along with Missouri, Ekwerekwu is thinking about taking visits to Northwestern, Iowa and maybe Georgia Tech. He had offers from Kansas State and Colorado, but has eliminated the Wildcats and Buffs from his list.
“I think with Colorado it’s been mutual,” he said. “And with Kansas State it’s been more on my part. I just think there is somewhere else for me.”
Ekwerekwu only has one visit scheduled and that’s to Missouri on December 13.