Injury doesnt slow down Stockemer

The senior season didn't quite turn out how Van Buren, Ark. wide receiver Taylor Stockemer had envisioned. An injury stole several games from Stockemer and his team struggled in his absence. However despite the injury, Stockemer was able to put up some major numbers in limited appearances. Now he is looking forward.
"We didn't do so well," Stockemer said of his team's season. "I was out for six games with a hurt knew but I still had 36 catches for 426 yards and two touchdowns so I made up for it in the four games I played."
Though the injury wasn't a serious long-term issue, it was enough to keep him on the sidelines as his team struggled.
"It was real tough," he said. "I wanted to be out there but I knew I couldn't. I strained a ligament in my left knee. It was a preseason injury. When I came back it felt better than it started. Having that little bit of rest off really helped me a little."
When Stockemer finally did make his return, he made up for lost time quickly.
"It was the first game back I had seven catches for 107 yards and a touchdown," he said. "I felt like I was ready to play right after that."
In the offseason, Stockemer will have time to focus on college recruiting, but he also plans to get an early jump on track, a sport he excels in. At 6-foot-4 he runs the 100 in under 10.9 and the 200 in under 22 seconds.
Stockemer has been getting the most attention from Air Force and Ole Miss while still maintaining communication with Kansas and Oklahoma State. He has also had an incredibly busy fall visiting campus'. He claims unofficial visits to Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State and Arkansas.
His next plan is to begin setting up his official visits.
"I had one official scheduled for Air Force but I have to take the ACT," he said. "I'll probably make a visit to Ole Miss here pretty soon."
And what will Stockemer be looking for in a school?
"Probably it has a lot to do with the coach," he said. "It depends on the coaching style and the atmosphere."