Injury didnt stop Houston WR

Every year there are kids that play themselves into Division I prospects and one of the players in the state of Texas that has done that is Johnny Sampy, a 6-foot-2, 218-pound receiver from Galena Park, Texas.
“We are playing him at receiver right now and are starting to play him more on defense the past couple of weeks,” Galena Park coach Mike Coker said. “He has slipped under the radar the past year because he tore his ACL before the first game last year. November 15th will be one year since he had the surgery. He has played great the first five or six ball games and was averaging 19 yards a catch. Now they are doubling him, and last Friday they triple-covered him.”
And the college coaches are starting to notice quite a bit.
“I’m getting calls now every week from Oklahoma State, Kansas, Wisconsin, BYU and Georgia Tech,” Sampy said. “Coach Coker just sent a batch a film out to the coaches, so I don’t have any offers yet, but from what the coaches are telling me it is going to happen.”
Sampy said this season has been nothing short of magical for him and he can’t believe how successful he’s been personally.
“There were a lot of times when I doubted myself,” he said. “It was really frustrating to have to work in rehab and have to do things over and over. You wanted to go out there and run on the field but you couldn’t. I’m just happy things have worked out like they have this season.”
Coker couldn’t agree more and sees his stock starting to shoot up the recruiting charts.
“Johnny is going to be great in about two years when he is completely over the knee injury,” Coker said.
“He is such a good athlete that will play receiver at the next level. But he’s also big enough that he could be a tight end, running back, defensive back or even a linebacker.”