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Indy corner doing all he can

Independence (Kan.) Community College cornerback Ray Cheatham was one of the few bright spots for an under-manned Pirate team last week against highly-ranked Butler County Community College. Even though Butler won 57-3, Cheatham, who is 6-foot and 185 pounds, said he had a good game.
"We held them a lot," Cheatham, one of the top juco corners in the nation, said. "It doesn't sound like it, but we did. I felt like I played pretty good. I could have played better, but I feel like I held my own. They didn't really go to my side too many times and when they did it was usually a short pass."
With one last game left in the season and a playoff game on the schedule for two weeks from now, things are winding down for Cheatham. With that in mind, recruiting is now going to start heading up.
"I am looking at Kansas, K-State and Wisconsin the hardest right now," Cheatham said.
"I've been getting a lot of phone calls from them. I just want to take the best offer I have, basically. There are a handful I'm looking at besides those three. I get things from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Michigan State and TCU. There are just a lot of schools. I couldn't even name them all right off the bat."
Cheatham said in his last interview that he lined up an official visit for Kansas State on November 19, but at this point he's not sure if that's the date the Wildcats want him to come or not. Either way, K-State is likely to get a visit.
"I have offers from Arkansas, Kansas, K-State and I feel like Wisconsin is going to offer pretty soon," Cheatham said.
"They haven't yet, though. When I look at a four-year school I need a good place for an education. Basically get some playing time on the field and the coaches ought to be cool and the atmosphere should be cool, too. But education and playing time are the main two things I'm looking at."
Cheatham said it's too early to talk favorites.
"I'm going to look at all of the teams interested in me," he said.
"I like them all right now. I'm not really going to take time to look at them all one by one until after the season. After the season I'll see my offers and then break each one down and see which the best fit is for me."