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Indianapolis QB has a hot week

Indianapolis (Ind.) Cathedral's Kofi Hughes switched from wide receiver to quarterback this past fall for his team, and did so well he is receiving recruiting interest at both positions. The 6-2, 199-pound Hughes picked up his first scholarship offer last month from Indiana and has had a host of coaches through his school this week.
"This has actually been a hot week," Hughes reported. "I had Northwestern here, Eastern Michigan and Eastern Illinois and there were two more (Thursday). Notre Dame came in today and that was a big shock because I hadn't gotten much mail from them. They came in showing a huge interest and were talking about offering. Then, Illinois Coach Mallory was in.
"Ohio State Coach [Dick] Tressel came into our school. They're more interested in me at the wide receiver role. Wisconsin was in the other day and what they want me to do is go through the route tree and record it. They want to see me catch the ball because they feel I can play as a true freshman at wideout."
The question about whether Hughes best projects as a quarterback, wide receiver or even defensive back at the next level is one the Indianapolis native expects to face throughout the remainder of his process.
"The main thing is everybody is sitting back and going to watch my development as a quarterback," Hughes said. "I respect that and I want people to know that I can play the position. Last year being my first year, I know I've got a lot of work to do and I've been working hard.
"Whether it is running, passing or doing whatever, they know that when I have the ball in my hands I try to make something happen. I feel I could play a role in Division 1 at wideout too, just as much as quarterback or defensive back."
Last season, Hughes accumulated 1,200 passing yards and 10 passing touchdowns to go along with 1,500 rushing yards and 20 rushing touchdowns. Those numbers were good enough to receive an offer and a chance to try the quarterback position with Indiana.
"There hasn't been much talk about (position), exactly, with IU," Hughes said. "He told me straight up that if I wanted to come and start trying out at quarterback, they're going to let me do that, but if I don't end up going anywhere with it, they're going to put me where they know I can be effective. So, they kind of left it up to me."
Hughes actually learned of the offer from Indiana when he was on an unofficial visit to Vanderbilt. The news was excitedly received by Hughes and his family.
"My mom was all smiles and everyone was happy," Hughes said. "It means a lot because I've been an Indiana boy all my life. It would be awesome to go play at the school you've been watching your whole life. I respect the offer just because I like how they try to build their program with Indiana kids and I'm one of those Indiana kids."