Impressive season for junior quarterback

For many quarterbacks, it takes them a little time to get into the swing of things, but for junior Ryan Davies of Farmingdale (N.J.) Howell, his first season as a starter turned into a memorable one. As a result, college recruiters are eager to learn more about the 6-foot-3, 190 pound quarterback.
"Recruiting is going well," said Davies. "I haven't really talked to many colleges yet, but North Carolina State came to my school to talk to me. Syracuse also came in, and I'm also hearing from Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, UConn, Rutgers, Temple and Central Florida."
During the summer, Davies attended camps at both Temple and Monmouth, while this fall he had the opportunity to attend the Notre Dame/Army game at Yankees Stadium.
"It was great," said Davies. "It was unique, because it was in Yankee Stadium, and then obviously Notre Dame has so much tradition that it was great for them to invite me to a game."
At this time, Davies does have plans to take a visit to NC State, and will attend their camp in 2011. During this visit, and several more he is hoping to schedule, he will be looking for a few specific things in a school and program.
"I want a place where I'm going to have the opportunity to play, and I would prefer an offense that likes to throw the ball," said Davies. "I also want to go to an academically strong university where I can get a good education."
Howell is also home for junior offensive lineman Tim Donahue, which always opens up the possibility of them attending a college together.
"Yeah we have talked about it a little bit, but we both have to see what kind of options we have and then decide from there," said Davies.
What has really attracted college recruiters to Howell to check on Davies was his junior season, when he completed 168 of 250 passes for 2,864 yards and 36 touchdowns.
"It was my first full varsity season and I felt that I had a successful season," said Davies. "There wasn't a lot expected of our team before the season and I think we did really well to exceed our expectations."
Even with an outstanding season now behind him, Davies realizes that his time on the field has been minimal and that he still has a number of things to work on.
"I think I can try and get faster in the off-season, so I'm more mobile for next season," said Davies. "I also want to try to improve at reading coverages and blitzes."