Imoru makes his case

FORT WORTH, Texas – Houston Hastings running back Saheed Imoru wants to major in engineering in college. He plans to be an industrial engineer someday. But after his performance at the NIKE Training Camp this past Saturday at Texas Christian University, he might have just engineered a case for him to be a big-time college prospect.
Imoru was one of the camp's best at the running back position, and the 5-foot-9, 176-pounder said he was pleased with his performance and hopes he can definitely dig up more attention because of it.
"I did well," he said.

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"I know the coaches were watching, and there was pressure to go out there and do a good job. But I did my best. I was really good at going out there and catching the ball and running good routes. I think in the end, I hopefully proved I was one of the best backs out there."
And Imoru hopes his performance was good enough to drum up his first scholarship offers. But it's not like he's exactly an unknown either. There are plenty of college coaches that have been in contact with him from all over the map.
"I've been texting with Ohio State, Arkansas, Tulsa, Texas A&M and those are just the ones off the top of my head," he said.
"I've been telling all the coaches when our scrimmages are, so they can come down and see me do my thing. I haven't been to any camps or colleges yet, other than this one. I hope to get around some this summer. That way I can get some offers."
Imoru had a solid junior season, racking up 589 yards on 87 carries. He also had 38 catches for 326 yards and seven punt returns for 130 yards. He hopes to play more on defense this season, and at this point he's open to anybody that's interested in him.
"Anybody that comes up on the board, if they offer me anything or think that I can play, then they're going to be my top team," he said.
"I don't mind going far away from home. I say that now, but as I get further along, I might change my mind. First the school's education will be important to me. I want a good program where I can go and get a degree. After that I want a place where I can go learn from the coaches. If it's a good school for football would be cool, too."