Im going to turn some heads

Marshall, Mich., two-star defensive end Kevin Pickelman admittedly has a chip on his shoulder. The 6-foot-3, 212-pounder knows that he's a talented player, and he believes that more schools should be taking a stronger look at him.
But the good news is that he does already have offers from Ball State, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan and Western Michigan.
"I'm going to be an in-state sleeper," Pickelman said. I've visited Michigan, Michigan State, Central, and I visited Purdue while I was there at camp. Nobody really has been recruiting me that hard the past few weeks. After my first two games if no one has made and moves then I'm going to go with Central."

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But it's during those first two games that he might receive some good news from one of the Big 10 teams interested in him.
"I want them to come out and say they want me," Pickelman said. "Michigan State and Purdue, they want to see me in my first two games and then send them a tape. But you know, I've proven myself for three years. If they're going do that, I don't think they're interested, but we'll see."
Pickelman said his father will help him make the final decision when the time comes.
"My dad and I are going to make a decision," he said. "I was going to commit already but my coach wants me to wait. I'm going to turn some heads this season."