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Illinois top prospect looking at his options

North Chicago, Ill. defensive end prospect O'Brien Schofield (6-foot-4, 220 pounds) has been working hard in his team camp this summer getting ready for his senior season.
"We've been working hard in team camp this week," O'Brien Schofield said. "It's also been pretty hot and humid here in Chicagoland this week, so we picked the perfect week to get into pads."
Schofield talked about his recruiting as well as his thought process at this point of the summer.
"I'm giving my recruiting a lot of thought these days. First and foremost, I'm studying hard to take the ACT in August and I won't make any college decisions until I know that I'm a full academic qualifier. I have a good feeling that I'll pass the ACT without any problems, but I also want to take care of that before anything else."
"I 'm really giving everyone who's offered me equal consideration at this point. I'm looking into everything, from the football program to facilities to academics and also trying to see how I would fit in at each school. I'm hoping to narrow things down soon, and I also might make my final college choice by mid-season."
Schofield is also excited to get his senior season underway in less than 40 days.
"I'm really excited about getting our season going. Our defense has looked great in camp, so were working on getting our offense up to that same level. I'll most likely play on both sides of the ball this year. We have a really tough schedule this year, and we play some very good teams right from the start of the season, so we'll need to be ready."
O'Brien Schofield has offers from Wisconsin, Iowa State, Central Michigan and Eastern Illinois.