Illinois QB enjoys Purdue Junior Day

According to Jeff Christensen, father of Lockport junior dual-threat quarterback prospect Jake Christensen (6-foot-2, 195 pounds) last weekend's visit to the Purdue University Junior Day went very well.
"Jake liked Purdue and it went very well" said Jeff Christensen. "Jake was able to talk to the coaches for awhile, and we both liked Coach (Joe) Tiller quite a bit. Jake also really hit it off with the Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney. They talked about the passing game for a long time."
According to Jeff Christensen, who is a former NFL quarterback, the Boilermakers will certainly be one of several schools that his son Jake will consider calling home. "The offense at Purdue really fits Jake's strengths. They (Purdue) really want Jake to camp this summer. Jake is one of several quarterbacks that Purdue is looking at, and I was told that they are going to be signing just one quarterback prospect from this class."
So will the Christensen's be making an additional Junior Day visits? According to Jeff Christensen, "We've been invited to alot of the Junior Days, and most schools have told Jake that we are welcomed to their campus anytime, so I think Jake and I are going to check out 4-5 different spring practices."