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Illinois 3 star DT talks recruiting

Oswego, Ill. three star ranked defensive line prospect Alex Magee (6-foot-5, 270 pounds) received his first of many calls from college coaches on Wednesday night, as Louisville was the first school to reach the always on the move Magee.
“I just got off the phone with the coaches from Louisville," Alex Magee said. “I've been working and I have missed a few calls already, but hopefully those coaches will call me back tonight or later this week."
Magee filled us in on his recruiting.
"I still have the same offers for now. I've been invited to about a dozen college games this fall, and I'm going to try and see a few schools in person this fall. I'm most likely going to see a game at Wisconsin this fall, and I might try and see a few more if I can fit them in."
"My favorite schools at this point remain Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Purdue. I've also been getting a ton of mail from Tennessee, Texas and USC. All three schools have sent me their media guides as well as information on each program. I like the media guides because they make for great bathroom reading. I'm going to do more research on Texas, Tennessee and USC, and those schools could also wind up in my favorites list, but for now it's the four schools I've mentioned."
Magee and the Panthers started defending it's Class 7A state title last Friday night with a 27-13 win over cross-town rival Neuqua Valley.
"It was great to get the first win of the year last week, but I was really disappointed with my overall play. I took a nap before the game, and I woke up and felt too sleepy. I also rushed out to the game and I didn't eat anything, and I just didn't have the energy level I usually during a game. I'll make sure that doesn't happen this week against Bartlett. I'll definitely be ready to play my game this week."