Ibrahim takes first official

Three-star athlete Rachid Ibrahim out of Gaithersburg (Md.) The Avalon School took his first official visit this past weekend. The 6-foot-2, 170-pounder headed to Boston College and came away impressed.
"It was great," he said. "I had a lot of fun up there. I spent time with the coaches and players. It was my second visit up there and it was really because the first time I didn't go up with my mom, so I showed her around. It was good to be back up again."
What was the difference for Ibrahim this time?

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"This time they took me out to dinner with the coaches and I watched the game," he said. "I got to spend time with some of the players more including my host Karim Zoungrana. It was really cool with him. I have been talking to him here and there since my previous trip and he's a really cool guy."
Ibrahim went over the trip further.
"I got up there on Saturday morning and watched the Clemson game," he said. "They played well. They didn't capitalize off of some stuff late in the game, but they were in it until late. Both teams were making plays and it was a good game, a lot of fun to watch."
Following the game, Ibrahim went out to dinner with the coaches and other recruits. He went back out on Sunday and got some one-on-one time with Frank Spaziani.
"It was cool with him," he said. "My first time I got to have a meeting with him, but this time it was my mom and I. He just introduced himself and talked about what Boston College is about. It was a good chance for my mom to meet him. He's really chill and straightforward. He talked about how he'd love for me to come there, but regardless he would be disappointed if not, but he wants me to be happy. He emphasized the family there and stuff like that."
So, the real important factor was his mom, what did she think?
"She liked it," he said. "She said she enjoyed the school and how strong the academics are. She was really impressed with that and how they set it up for the athletes. She liked it a lot."
Ibrahim confirmed more visits are coming, but when is still uncertain.
"I haven't scheduled any other visits yet, but I'm going to Pittsburgh and Iowa too. I'm basically focused on those three," he said. "It may be during the season or might be after, most likely after."
To date, Pittsburgh is the only one of the three that hasn't offered, but Ibrahim claims they have confirmed they intend to upon his official visit.
With one visit under his belt and more to come, what is he looking for from here?
"I want to get up to these schools and see what it's like, the full student body on campus," he said. "When I've visited, I've been during the summer, now I can get a good feel for what it's like to actually be there and spend a night on campus. I can go watch a game and get a game time feel. I got to walk the tunnel, here Coach Spaz's pregame speed, see the coaches on game day, that's what I want to see."