Huskers, Cavs, Bruins recruiting RB hard

Mikell Simpson is a lightning-quick, 6-foot-0, 190-pound running back from Harrisburg, Pa. Last year, he averaged 9.8 yards-per-carry and 22.6 yards-per-reception, to go along with five interceptions on defense. Where does this talented athlete want to play college ball?
“I definitely don’t have a favorite, there are just so many schools that have shown interest in me.
“UCLA is a very good school. They are definitely going to get an official visit from me. I haven’t decided any of the others though. I am going to take all five, but one will be to UCLA.

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"Virginia has a great offense, and I like how they get their backs involved in their passing game. Obviously the ACC is a great conference as well. West Virginia is a good school, they just offered recently. I have some friends that play there.”
“North Carolina I don’t know much about football-wise, but they look like a very good school. Syracuse is close to home, and Kevin Mitchell played there. He is in the NFL now, and he went to my high school. So there is a bit of tradition there.
“Nebraska was my childhood favorite team. They changed their offense to a pro-style with the new coach.”
Does Simpson like the new approach, as opposed to the old option attack traditionally used by the Huskers?
“Yeah, I never really liked the option.”
Simpson said that Nebraska, Virginia and UCLA are recruiting him hardest right now. What factors will be important in his decision?
“Distance isn’t important. Fitting in will be huge, and early playing time.”
When does he want to make a decision?
“I am going to weigh my options. There are still teams that might offer, so some might move up or move down.”
Also, there has been talk about him maybe playing defense in college. Could this affect his decision?
“No, definitely not. I want to play running back 100-percent. So if a school wants me for defense, that sort of eliminates them.”