Husker pledge to visit Wisconsin

There have been a small handful of players that have committed to Nebraska that have decided to take official visits elsewhere, while the Huskers sort out their coaching situation.
It looks like it’s time to add Houston Cy Falls three-star receiver Terrence Nunn to the list of committed players visiting elsewhere.
“I’m going up to Wisconsin this weekend,” Nunn, who is 6-foot and 185 pounds, said. “I met with coach (Rob) Ianello and coach Mason from Wisconsin today. They came by to let me meet coach Mason and it was really neat to get to meet him. They also talked about the school a little bit.

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“I don’t know what to expect on the visit. I guess I want to go and make sure that I have other options if things don’t work out at Nebraska. I’m still strongly committed to Nebraska, but you never know since they still don’t have a head coach.”
Nunn said it was last week when he talked to the Nebraska coaches the last time and he’s doing his best to keep updated on who the coaching candidates might be.
“Have you heard any new rumors,” Nunn asked? “I hear a bunch of different things, but I don’t know if anybody knows what is going on for sure.”
Nunn also mentioned that he's likely going to take another visit to TCU in January.